Monastery of St. John of the Cross

With the approval and blessing of Archbishop Donald Bolen of Regina, and after 18 years of hard work, prayer and discernment, this Traditional community of Carmelite contemplatives is in the process of being established in this diocese. We will be following the 1990 constitutions of the Discalced Carmelite nuns, with approval and permission of Archbishop Bolen.

We follow the Traditional way of the Carmelite charism of St. Teresa of Jesus (Avila) and St. John of the Cross.  Our liturgy is adapted to the simplicity of our life and the depth of our prayer.

The Monastery is located on sixty acres of land on the Saskatchewan prairies. It includes a large chapel which has recently been completely renovated. The chapel is dedicated to Mary, Mother of Divine Grace. At the present time, the chapel is open only when there is mass scheduled, and the monastery will be open to visitors on designated days to be announced at a later date.

Many thanks to the generous donors who provided for the chapel renovations.
A small wing to be used for discernment visits for young women will now serve as our Novitiate and will be completely cloistered.

Generous donors have provided for the purchase of the mobile home which will serve as the priest’s residence.  The mobile home is now completed.  We are most grateful for all donations and support from friends of the Monastery.

Following this project, we need to have exterior stairs to the mobile home and fencing for privacy and to ensure the observance of the enclosure for the nuns.The funds needed for the fence and two sets of  stairs which would be made of pressure treated wood is $6,000 which includes taxes.

Donations toward the actual building of the main monastery would also be appreciated.  Diagrams of the plans for our first important wing (the nun’s choir, the preparatory and chapter room and library) are shown below.  The estimate for building this wing will be added as soon as available.

If you wish to contribute to the building and establishment of the monastery, please send your gift to the address on the Contact page.

Any donation or help would be much appreciated.


Solitude 4Solitude 3

PLANS FOR STAGE ONE (MAIN MONASTERY)  Donations are greatly needed for us to accomplish this first important wing of our monastery.

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