Life of Solitude

The Carmelite Contemplative lives a life of prayer in silence, solitude and penance as an apostolate. For this reason the Carmelite deeply convinced of the special function of the cloistered, monastic life, which is apostolic and contemplative, desires silence and solitude as a way of life that is able to contribute significantly to achieving the contemplative aspect of Carmelite charism.

The contemplative encounter with God, to which the life of the Monastic nun leads, while emphasizing this fundamental aspect of the contemplation in our Carmelite life, at the same time, involves the contemplative in the apostolate of prayer and life of penance and self-sacrifice for the Church, priest and all the people of God.

The solitude of the monastic life leads the Carmelite to a communion in the heart of the Church and of the world where she shares in the joys, the hopes, the sorrows and sufferings of her contemporaries.

The contemplative assists the Church in its evangelizing mission by giving witness that God is the only Absolute, and the solitary “enlarges the Church by her hidden apostolic fruitfulness.” Thus she carries out the Teresian charism which includes a special call to contemplation and to apostolic prayer. (the OCD Desert Instr.)